Speed Display Trailers

Speed Display Trailers and Radar Trailers will track the speed of oncoming traffic, helping to enforce safe travel particularly through construction zones or potentially dangerous stretches of road. 

Universal Traffic Control owns a variety of these trailers, for use during our internal construction projects, or external projects.

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Our traffic control team works alongside our parent company, or for outside companies and private citizens. Most of our work is done alongside the telecommunications industry, including construction sites for drilling, tower construction, and more.

Universal Services is headquartered in Woodbury, MN with our North facility in Fridley, MN. We currently install over 3000 job sites per year consisting of partnerships with Fortune 100 companies down to small private entities. Our services have diversified over the years to ensure that our customers have the availability to receive multiple services while dealing with one primary service provider.

JDR Technologies has been building and maintaining cellular site locations for two decades, utilizing industry-leading technology and planning to maintain reliable towers. JDR’s turnkey solutions and commitment to service make tower management easy.